Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Windows XP End of Life (EOL) 8th April 2014

Windows XP will be reaching it's EOL on the 8th of April 2014 so what does this mean? After this date anyone running this version of Windows will no longer receive updates and security patches, it means if you continue running Windows XP you leave yourself open to all kinds of vulnerabilities from malware and attacks. It is even more of a concern as newer versions of Windows get security fixes these will be left wide open in XP for any attacker to take advantage of. The official Windows support site details this with advice on upgrading found here

The advice from Microsoft here will cost you money whether you pay for a new version of Windows or have to buy a new computer and the chances are your computer in it's current state won't be powerful enough to run a new version of Windows. Your computer running XP may still be in good shape and running fine. There is another way, your computer may not be powerful enough to run the latest Windows OS but it can still run an up to date system in the form of Linux. Fuller Computing Services Ltd supports Ubuntu for desktop and Ubuntu for business. Ubuntu is a modern desktop OS that can run effortlessly on older hardware that can't support Windows 8, it is also a much cheaper option than buying a new version of Windows or even a whole new computer.

If you would like to try out Ubuntu and would like some help getting started you can contact us here.

If you do decide that you want to buy an new computer you may want to consider a ChromeBook. ChromeBooks are cheaper than Laptops running Windows, they are faster, secure and have a longer battery life than their Windows counterparts.

What ever path you choose the end is nigh for XP so make sure you're ready and keep your digital life secure.