Tuesday, 4 March 2014

How to protect yourself from over 90% of Windows vulnerabilities in 4 easy steps.

By default and for convenience when you set up Windows for the first time you are given an administrator account. Continually using and running software on your computer as administrator runs the risk of exploits from malware and other vulnerabilities. As the administrator account has full system access and permissions anything run under that account could run havoc and cause a lot of damage. A recent study shows that over 90% of vulnerabilities could be mitigated just by switching your user account from administrator to standard user, here's how.

Click the start menu and go into the Control Panel.

Click on User Accounts 

Then click create new account 

When creating a new account make sure Standard is selected over Administrator. Here there is a link explaining why to choose a standard account if you would like further reading. 

That's it you've just secured your computer by creating and using a standard user account.

Source (http://learn.avecto.com/2013-microsoft-vulnerabilities-report).