Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Trading Post Nairn

The Highland Facilitator Team are a local charity that help young people with Autism and other difficulties in the community build up their confidence and life skills while contributing to the local area. Their mission statement "To enable, engage and empower young people for positive change in their local community, environment and wildlife."

What used to be the model shop in the High Street here in Nairn will soon be the new hub for HFT where they will raise money for their cause, hold events and workshops and promote local business.

The Trading Post Nairn will be opening in the next few weeks if you wish to learn more or would like to help them out visit www.highlandft.org

We have been busy recreating and updating the HFT website. Created with what will soon be the adopted colours of HFT (green, blue and purple) the site has large chunky icons allowing ease of use for the target audience, this also makes it more touchscreen friendly. The site scales based on screen size so it is optimised for Desktop, Tablet and Smartphones. HighlandFT.org doesn't have much content at the moment but the Highland Facilitator Team members will be populating the site with more blog posts, pictures and videos over the coming weeks. If you are interested in having your next site built by us or are looking to get yourself or business online visit www.FullerComputing.co.uk.